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    since connecting people takes more than just having a great website
  • Churches & Ministries

    Harness the right digital tools to empower your congregation to GROW!
  • Homeless &
    Family Services

    Raise awareness and funds to help people in need.
  • Pet Rescue
    & Adoption

    Pet adoptions or puppy parties. We'll help you get the word out!
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How We Can Help

Exclusively for Ministries & Non Profit Organizations

We're here to help you build your community

Website - Designed & Updated

Your organization's website is the central hub of information about everything you have going on. We will design your site in the most modern style and keep your content up to date!

Email Newsletters

Don't wait for your site users to return to stumble upon critical information, be proactive and send the latest news by email.

Mobile Apps & SMS Outreach (Txt Msgs)

Engage your community directly on their mobile phone. Update your content in real time, show videos, share music, manage event registration, show maps and directions, even watch live services.

Social Media Outreach

Hosting a huge conference or a small group? Have a special speaker lined up for wednesday night? We can empower your community to share the information quickly with their friends and family!.

Event Management

Hosting a free or paid conference, meeting or gathering? Let us help you manage the registgration and post registration marketing process.

Connect Teams

You work hard to attract new members to your community or congregation, once they experience your organization they love it! but what's next? How do you fully assimilate them into your community? Let our trained staff call them on your behalf and invite them to the next step of your assimilation process. OR we can set up the technology to enable your volunteers to make those calls from their own homes and keep track of the progress. .

Let's connect and see how we can help you build your community!