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Sales Team 6

Sales Professionals With a Tactical Advantage

This opportunity is limited to VETERANS of the US ARMED FORCES or immediate caregivers of veterans with a Service Conneted Disability rating of 80% or more

Maximum Outreach is a veteran owned and operated Digital Marketing Agency.  We help local businesses thrive through expanding their digital foundation, generating leads & opportunities and helping craft their long term customer acquisition strategy. 

In addition to providing digital marketing services, we are exploring the option of extending our marketing efforts and providing “Done-For-You” (DFY) sales services on behalf of our clients.

As an extreme veteran advocate, we prioritize and pay higher commissions to Veterans of the US Armed forces for all available positions.

With the Sales Team 6 project, we’re taking a slightly different approach.  The structure will consist of 5 Sales Producers and 1 Team leader.  You’ll work from home (Or “remotely” wherever you want, but will be connected with your team online.

Most clients will prefer a 10-99 Commission only structure.  Let’s face it, real closers prefer commissions over salary anyway. 

If you’re interested, please complete the form and let’s discuss available opportunities. 

We’re interested in creating opportunities as well!  If you don’t feel that the current opportunities are a fit for you, we’d like to know more about your skills and interests, when we acquire clients that would be more a fit, we’ll reconnect and explore further opportunities.